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Horses are taking me into horse-language behavior, bio-mechanics, liberty and loose work
- and long lining in any spare time…
The guidebook came out late in 2007 and - still selling well (I re-read it for the first time in years the other day and was idiotically pleased with the safety advice and front sections on backcountry details and horsemanship and gear!).

Subtleties of refining horsemanship, horse-think and horse-language have trotted in big time these intervening years.   Workshops, books, the increasing use of video on social media, I hope the four-leggeds approve of me improving communications on their behalf, teaching it, writing about it, photographing their take on situations and bio-mechanics.

The pinto gelding and demo horse the Apache has taken me down a whole new trail, a ‘cute’ little horse everyone calls him who has one of the most complicated of personalities – introvert, a worrier, bottles emotions, can shallow breathe, likes routine and is extremely hard to read besides. Dear heavens! He’s Liberty worked or ridden these days on breath alone, his sense of humour is second to none.

His stablemates, the Home Herd, teach and demo and workshop too – along with a new addition It’s-All-Good (stablename the Mops-horse as he has one hell of a mop of mane and forelock) - the wildie colt captured hopefully in one of the very last of its kind operation in March 2013.  He’s long lining now with real style, and working up to driving trials in 2015, Combined Driving ultimately and has much to teach humans about how very aware horses are of body-language – a truly fabulous teacher.

Long-lining’s onto the agenda, for learning about how to drive and for therapeutic work that loosens horses up, working with others traumatized in some way, or recovering from injury.  It’s a revelation in schooling techniques from the ground and highly useful for very many horses.  And, for those humans training to be equine therapists too!

Classical riding techniques combine for those aiming at riding as an art are being concentrated on too, an increasing movement.  W’re aiming at getting  the best, most dynamic, of partnerships that honour the horse, his physical structure and his mind.  Want the best partnership?  The best foundation work?  Work with an instructor with forty years competitive experience now allying with a real understanding of bio-mechanics and ride into that best possible dynamic.  We’re working on entry into Western Dressage, a relatively new discipline, plus the driving too, and good solid foundation work that’ll take you anywhere frankly.

Come along for the ride, learn, learn, learn on a package of learning lessons, or full-day intensives!  Or, catered daily or weekends stay for one, two friends, small groups - and ride, ride, ride and work with the Home Herd and absorb their lessons.  If you want to learn how to win, to be your own personal best, we specialize, just a bit, in sports psychology too.  Learn about awareness, focus plus.  Days include a personalized journal, instructive photographs taken during lessons - and access to an eclectic selection of a library of equestrian books and DVDS by worldwide equestrian teachers and riders at the very top of their game.
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There’s a Buddhist expression - when the student is ready the teacher appears.

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