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Pam Asheton - Workshops & Lessons
Individual and Small Group bookings taken - you choose the date!

, therapeutic physical rehab work for horses, re-starting work using Liberty and long lines using either your own horse(s) and/or with two completely different demo horses of Pam Asheton's. This is amazing in terms of getting horses to re-balance, self-carriage, rehab work from bad training and injury. Veterinarians and competitive riders - this is eye-opening work, a ton of practical applications plus understanding of breathing effects on physical and mental direct-line link.

Physical self-balancing, Re-Starting and Rehab Work

10 a.m. - 1 p.m. Intensive concentration needed here!
Tel: 403-932-6396 or email at
$100 per person, 10% discount AEF members/youth groups

* For riding clubs or those under-18 please ask for the DISCOUNTED rates available.
Throughout the winter, one-on-one private lessons for either groundwork or ridden work (English, Western and competing disciplines) are available.
At facilities near Cochrane:
For one-on-one skill sets, competitive training and horse-think demonstations either at Cochrane or further afield, please telephone - rates and prices as below.
* Rates and Prices

* 1. Groundwork 'session' one-on-one (depending on the horse's requirements and explanations this usually evaporates a couple of hours), times by arrangement @ $110 per session. Two people/two horses, same deal @ $50 per session each.

* 2. Ridden 'session' one-on-one (depending on your and the horse's requirements this usually encompasses a couple of hours), times by mutual arrangement @ $120 per session. Two people, same deal $110. Straight hour rate is $55.

* 3. Group sessions (four participating maximum), either morning or afternoon and running at three hours @ $150 per session ($37.50 per person) **. For educational groups, watching Pam Asheton working with three of her demonstration horses on site (or at another location by arrangement) and interacting verbally over roughly two hours + signed book copies and photographic record of your day, please telephone for details!

* 4. Full-on day session (four riders/groundworkers maximum) $400, photographs of progress throughout the day, email support back-up to follow as required.

* 5. One-on-one private lessons (ground, solutions, ridden) at $55 per hour. Alternatively, three ($140) or five ($200) lessons pre-purchased collectively and ridden within a six-week period, which really get you and your four-legged friend swinging along with confidence, are super-popular.

* 6. Schooling and training horses (for specific competitive disciplines, fitness, rehabilition physical and mental – even down to trailer loading rehab!) is on either a weekly or monthly basis. Please ask for pricing details. [I have a particularly excellent trainer I recommend for starting youngsters - please telephone for details].
(Traveling to outside venues is .35 cents per kilometre and will be detailed on invoice.)
Pam Asheton, BHSI/SM, BHSAI, accredited competitive coach (and award winning author of the ALBERTA ONE-DAY BACKCOUNTRY EQUESTRIAN GUIDEBOOK).  Telephone 403-932-6396 for information and bookings.  Solutions are an ongoing part of our programme, as well as teaching horse-think, horse-bodytalk.  Horses with no-brake issues a speciality, as well as trailer loading issues, riding safely, competing pyschology and fitness training, remedial work teaching horses to develop great top lines, super deep breathing and calm minds.

Back Country photo with Pam Asheton - Patrick Price copyright

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