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Terri Mason, the innovative editor of CANADIAN COWBOY COUNTRY, has an uncannily accurate feel for pertinent articles and features - her recent advocacy for the Saskatchewan pasturelands and the unique heritage of the community grazing lands is one example, and she does it time after time after time. Her love of western history is legendary and far-reaching; she just knows everyone who might know something! Terri commissioned these pieces written over several years; they appear here in their full magazine glory and great colour- enjoy!
The a7Ranche near Nanton's grazing and riparian system listens to the land and water systems.
Writing about Barn Fires introduced me to Jennifer Woods, a disaster specialist and consultant of the first order.
Super Shooter highlighted three extraordinary photographers and their methods.
Kids to me highlighted huge and growing differences of young people growing up on the land, with the land compared to the growing disconnect of youngsters in urban and suburban environments.
The Perrenoude Ranch I drive past every morning - it fascinates me still, and now conservation and restoration projects are happening too.
The Porters introduced me to magic and the very definite 'feel' of this corner of Alberta - their very real love of history is part of their DNA; they're, simply, just part of remembering grasshopper invasions, finding tomahawks, working with bison.
Shelterbelts - and the addictive influences of Pam and Ken Wright championing native trees and shrubs opened up another whole world for me - and, I hope, for a ton of readers too.
Frances Riviere is an incorrigible storyteller - addictive - I could spend days, weeks! listening........"

  * A7 Ranch - Protecting the Last Native Grass
  * Six Minutes to Disaster
  * Beneath the Prairie Sky - Photographers Who Get It
  * Kids On the Range
  * Perrenoude Ranch House
  * Alberta's Porter Ranch
  * Creating Super Shelter Belts
  * Francis Riviere

In 2015 HORSE CANADA magazine have a weekly online blog of the 'Adventures of the Wildie Colt', and his trotting into Combined Driving. Click here, with a RSS feed even, and you can follow our adventures - and learning curves as we both learn the lingo, the steps and a few thoughts besides about horse-language dynamics - ! Here's your link at:

So, we're up for a new challenge, that of driving, learning to (we're pretty OK, as are most of the home herd, with long lines and getting a bit competent there, touch wood!), aiming Driving Trials and Combined Driving further along. Come join our trot out! And, perhaps, too, enjoy the horse-language and horse-think aspects too.
Comments, please, people, comments, feedback, bio-dynamics feedback, your thoughts, share out, everything - ! - and, oh yes, if you're sitting inside nice and warm, well enjoy that too as I trot around with three to five layers on in crisp fresh sunshine - !


Pam Asheton's up and running with a new weekly newspaper column, LISTENING TO THE LAND, in the COCHRANE TIMES ( - fastest if you go for the 'E-version' and thumb through the pages for that week's fix! ... here are a couple of the opening sallies on PDF format, a very popular one right now - and very pertinent health wise on Lyme's Disease and ticks - is included).

* Listening To The Land / Gophers * Listening To The Land / Mamma Clouds - NEW
* Listening To The Land / Ticks * Listening To The Land / Mystery Footprints - NEW
* Listening To The Land / Golden Eagle Migration * Listening To The Land / Young Owls Don't Give A Hoot - NEW


* Wild Horse Investigative - Cochrane Times

'Your Event behind-the-Scenes (for newsletters, press releases, sponsors and in-house' calendars, posters, mugs even!) - these photos were taken at the recent JONATHAN FIELD AND FRIENDS weekend covering the event for HORSE-CANADA online, and are an example of who, what, where - and just how hard every single volunteer worked too).'
Jonathan Field and Friends

Johanan Field - Pam Asheton image
Jonathan Field fans

Dare To Dream

Sound Tech
Clinic Attendees

Project Horse
JF Team Member

Jonathan Field

Agrium Event Truck
Clinic fan


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Pam Asheton Photography Magazine Photography Pam Asheton Photography

Pam Asheton Photography Photo Commissions Pam Asheton Photography

Photos by Pam Asheton Magazine Photos Pam Asheton Photography

Pam Asheton Photography Photos by Pam Asheton Pam Asheton - Photographer

Western Heritage Photos Western Lifestyle Photos Pam Asheton Photos

Hazing Calves - Photo by Pam Asheton
Photo by Pam Asheton
Branding Day - Photo by Pam Asheton

Photo by Pam Asheton
Photo by Pam Asheton
Photo by Pam Asheton

Photo by Pam Asheton
Tacked Up & Ready to Go - Photo by Pam Asheton
Photo by Pam Asheton
Ranch Border Collie


Pam Asheton - Equine Photos Back Country Rider
Cross-Country Riding
Pam Asheton Photography
Pam Asheton - Photographer
Stadium Jumper
Pam Asheton Photography
Pam Asheton Photography
Pam Asheton Photography

Pam Asheton, Photographer
Pam Asheton, Photographer
Pam Asheton: Photography
Little Rodeo Clown - Pam Asheton
Photos by Pam Asheton
Sheep Riding Time
Photo by Pam Asheton, Serious BackCountry
Rodeo Grand Entry - Photo by Pam Asheton
Photo Portraits by Pam Asheton
Photo Portraits by Pam Asheton
Photo Portrailts by Pam Asheton

Young Girl and Her Horse
Pet Portraits - Pam Asheton
Photo Portraits by Pam Asheton

Photo Portraits by Pam Asheton
Photo Portraits by Pam Asheton
Photo Portraits by Pam Asheton
Photo Portraits by Pam Asheton

Back Country photo with Pam Asheton - Patrick Price copyright

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