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Here are links and contacts, some are local and others national or international in scale, for all sorts of ideas, practical solutions and more, with a few explanations added in places.

It’s Not About The Ribbons” and just about anything else too by JANE SAVOIE
Horsemanship Through Life” by MARK RASHID (his ranch horse short stories are
a bit good too, all with nice wry lessons in them!)
Tug of War: Classical versus Modern Dressage” by DR GERD HEUSCHMANN (now has a
DVD that has a knockout digital read on skeletal frame motion)
Dancing with Horses” by KLAUS FERDINAND HEMPFLING (YouTube and DVDs are
masterpieces if you want to teach yourself true horse-think and body-language)
Tao of Equus” and “Riding Between the Worlds” by LINDA KOHANOV – different,
certainly but extremely well researched and thoughtful.
True Horsemanship through Feel” by Bill Dorrance and Leslie Desmond, an absolute classic
for more experienced riders, and his brother Tom’s “True Unity” is another.
Complete Training of Horse and Rider” by Alois Podhajsky, another classic and better
when, akin to the Dorrances, you understand what they mean by ‘feel’ - !
Lateral thinking on horse physiology and psychology by MARY BROMILEY are def NOT
for reading in one sitting (!) and ditto the TELLINGTON-JONES series and thoughts.
How to Create The Perfect Riding Horse” by PERRY WOOD is beautifully photographed
and thoughtful, and his mind-thoughts on teaching and personal internal analysis on
his website – interesting man.
DVDS by JONATHAN FIELD – sharp editing, thoughtful, clear, funny! – anything from
catching the uncatchable horse to his masterpiece on training his liberty horses that
evolved after breathtaking performances at The Mane Events.
DVDS by Jerry Tindall – this man loves mules but you have to love him too just with the
catchphrase ‘You Ride the Horse You Lead.” Contagious humour, solid knowledge.
DVDS by Chris Irwin – and if you ever get the chance to watch him in the round pen
in demo-work with horse-think and body-language, be prepared to have your brain
and notebook jammed on sensory overload.

….for kids:
* Anything, simply anything
, by Marguerite Henry – timeless, informative,
well researched and beautifully illustrated to boot.
* Written way back in the ‘30s, these are timeless and the illustrations!…….the BLAZE series
authored by C W Anderson
* Ditto when it comes to Lucinda Green’s early books (then under the surname of Prior-Palmer) – her stories of her eventing horses get me every time.
* DVD that Col Podhasjsky was the consultant for (and rides in the quadrille movements), this
is THE real story of the miraculous wartime evacuation and re-establishing of the world
famous white stallions of Vienna, re-issued recently in DVD format under the title “MIRACLE OF THE WHITE STALLIONS.” The Spanish Riding School, by the way, has NOT
been on tour now for decades so the performances of the “World Famous Lippizzaner
Stallions” while, to me, are OK, are NOT the very classically trained stallions of Vienna and
the Piber Stud.

Useful websites in all sorts of directions:
* - (Alberta Equestrian Federation) newsletter hot off the media feed, great insurance rates, super-informative articles in their quarterly newsletter ALBERTA BITS
* - for adventurous riding holidays and breaks just about anywhere in
the world, Darley Newman rides the talk and gets it filmed (with a couple of well-earned
Emmys in her saddlebags too)
* - amazing website with THE latest in equine health, news, feedback,
nutritition, veterinarian updates
* - both website and magazine, international and European
coverage, great range of articles and competition results
* - adventurous group providing clinics, first aid
certifications, ranch stays and mountain riding
* - Heather Sansom’s specialized in a very specific and thoughtful discipline - rider fitness and straightness issues! Monthly newletter, personal trainer online for equestrian RIDER fitness – stacks of information, super qualified, very professional
* - Will Gadd is writer, author, and passionate advocate of rock/ice climbing, plus kayaking and more in the extreme sports league - his blog, constantly updated, is sometimes, yes, about some obscure new gadget that will get you up a rock face that defies gravity but equally, his writing style and in-depth knowledge of fitness and nutritional and gadgets-that-get-you-found in wilderness areas are all world class.  Well worth clocking onto from time-to-time.
* - The Dafferns constantly updated hiking, scrambling and just everywhere trail in Kananaskis Country.  Priceless.

Seriously Rated Magazines:
Equus *****
Horse and Hound
Horse and Rider
Practical Horseman
Horse Canada
Canadian Cowboy

For Trainers...
I’d recommend as safe, insured, solid foundation work and knowledge (English, competitive and Western), barns and facilities in Canada (and abroad) please telephone for recommendations.

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